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"MARIO DA SILVA is recognized as one of the most important Brazilian guitarists today. His technique, his audacity in choosing the repertoire, and his integration of the guitar-guitarist complex, in a choreographic and communicative vision with the public, are unique in the musical panorama of our country. Always restless, MARIO DA SILVA released, in 2018, the precious CD “Violão Expandido”. From there, he began to generate the idea of ​​producing a video, on the subject, at the same time artistic and documentary. Now, the Series UNRAVELING THE EXTENDED GUITAR is born, in four episodes, each lasting approximately 30 minutes. Therefore, it is a large production, with a minimum of resources, but with a highly creative production team. And, naturally, with the art of the great guitarist MARIO DA SILVA. The episodes present the guitarist exposing his ideas about the extended guitar and performing pieces by important Brazilian composers who followed this path. The series was idealized by ALVARO COLLAÇO and creatively directed by ANAI BAGNOLIN, produced by ALVAROCOLLAÇO PRODUCTIONS. The episodes feature important testimonies from foreign and Brazilian musicians, such as ALESSANDRO FERREIRA, CHICO MELLO, ARTHUR KAMPELA, EDINO KRIEGER, DENISE GARCIA, FABIO ZANON, TIM RESCALA, among others, and the dancer and choreographer ROCIO INFANTE. In addition to the incomparable interpretations of MARIO DA SILVA, the episodes also make use of abundant documentary material, choreographies and recordings related to the theme. The view of the film, interspersing the interviews and the performances, is beautiful. The First Episode is an OVERVIEW, where several guitarists talk about what extended techniques are and why the guitar can be an ideal instrument for them: The Second Episode is dedicated to EDINO KRIEGER, with emphasis on the work “Ritmata”: The Third Episode is dedicated to ARTHUR KAMPELA, with an emphasis on the “Percussion Study” series: The Fourth Episode is dedicated to CHICO MELLO, with emphasis on the work “On the side of the finger”: It is a Documentary that shows an aspect of the rich panorama of the guitar in Brazil, especially with regard to EXTENDED TECHNIQUE PRACTICES. It is not a super-production, but a super-document, which interests beyond guitarists, composers and the general public." Ricardo Tacuchian composer.


“Mario da Silva’s guitar, in addition to providing us with art, makes us reflect on the difference, if any, between classical and popular, on the confines of culture and, also, on silence.”

Jornalista Luiz Claudio Oliveira - Gazeta do Povo 04/06/2013 21:03

”[...] Mario da Silva searches the sound of the guitar inside the instrumental autonomy aspect, making this instrument a protagonist of sound elements besides supporting one. André Abujamra reflects climates acquired from various musical experiences, external elements and urban Brazilianness enriched with his creative sound trips.”

Writer Ruy Castro for the CD Tu Tausan Tu Elve, 2012

“I dedicated my Guitar Sonata to Mario da Silva, for his trajectory as an important guitarist, for his pioneering spirit of new repertoires, for the space he always dedicated to Brazilian music and, above all, for our friendship and identity of aesthetic and citizenship principles. . I have great expectations with the world premiere of Sonata, by this great Brazilian artist”

Ricardo Tacuchian composer debut of Sonata 2018

Sala Cecília Meireles Hall, Mostra Fred Schneiter, Rio de Janeiro,  17/october/2018


Supertônica radio program about contemporary music.  Mario da Silva is interviewed by composer Arrigo Barnabé and participation of the Crocodile on October 7, 2016.



Mario da Silva’s Violão Expandido, achieves in this CD a fluidity that compels us to review the concept of what we mean by “performance”. His technical safety, combined with a vigorous musical thought (movement, color, form), strikes us as listeners in such a way that we considerer this an important release of the last years.


Brochure of The New York Guitar Seminar 2019 written by Orlando Fraga

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