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Guitar Salon International

Mario da Silva toca
BossaChoro de Geraldo Vespar

Mario da Silva toca
Villa-Lobos Estudo 11

Guitar Salon International is an important space for the dissemination of rare and quality guitars from renowned luthiers. There you can find the legendary Hauser, Rubio and Ramirez very played by Andres Segovia. Also, many new luthiers with contemporary construction techniques and also construction of old instruments. A visit to the Guitar Salon International website is practically a visit to a contemporary instrument museum. Guitar Salon International is not just a sales place. Through video productions on its YouTube Channel, it invites active guitarists from around the world to play on their instruments, promoting both the luthier and the guitarists.

I am very humble by the invitation where I could release my new work called Janelas Sonoras do Violão (Windows), with works by composers around the world, who reflected on the quarantine of 2020. They are Celil Refik Kaya, Sérgio Assad, among others. 

Thanks to Guitar Salon International, David Collet, Felix Salazar, Michael Newman and Celil Refik Kaya


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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