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Brazilian contemporary music for guitar

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Mario da Silva is a restless guitarist, who gives voice to the instrument through extended technique. Resource that allows the exploration of new ways of playing the guitar, obtaining unusual sounds or differentiated instrumental timbres. In this way, the musician gives prominence to the instrument, which ceases to be a supporting player and starts to have a prominent role in the compositions. Mário has already released 4 albums - “Nova Música Brasileira”, “Contemporary Brazilian music deconstructed to order” “Tu Tausan Tu Elve” and “Violão Expandido” – and has performed at international festivals and concerts at  opening of The New York Guitar Seminar in New York, and also Argentina, Germany, England, Italy, Finland, Mexico, Norway and Portugal. With a degree in guitar from the Escola de Música e Belas Artes do Paraná and a PhD in Composition from Unicamp, he is worldwide known in the musical environment for his commitment to promote Brazilian works for guitar. His documentary “Unraveling Extended Guitar” is being released in 2022.



If you're looking for a guitarist with a variety of activities, you can contact me anytime for concerts and  speeches

Avenida Oswaldo Cruz 67 ap 1004 - Flamengo - Rio de Janeiro


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